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Zumba classes in Bolton

Ditch the workout and join the party every Monday evening at Canon Slade for Zumba in Bolton.Pay as you go class 7.15-8pm.Call Laura on 0779641156 for more details on class.


Zumba in Bolton


Zumba every Monday 7.15-8pm at canon slade school!!

Pay as you go-£4 plus a loyalty card.

Call Laura today to book your place on 07796411564.


Fitness Classes in Bolton including Zumba,Pilates,Zumba Gold,Yogalates and Clubbercise


Monday’s-zumba and Pilates

Tuesday’s-Adult ballet and Pilates

Wednesday’s-Zumba Gold,Clubbercise,Yogalates



Call Laura on 07796411564 for more details




Zumba Classes-Every Monday and Wednesday at Canon Slade Bolton

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NEW FITNESSN CLASSES IN BOLTON-Zumba,Zumba Gold,Clubbersize,Pilates,Yoga and Adult Ballet

New fitness classes in Bolton to be launched at the end of April-

Mondays-6.30-7.15pm Pilates @ Canon Slade

7.15-8pm Zumba @ Canon Slade


Tuesdays-6.30-7.15pm-Adult Ballet @ Walmsley Unitarian Chapel

7.15-8pm-Pilates @ Walmsley Unitarian Chapel


Wednesdays-10.00-10.30am-Zumba Gold @The Trinity Methodist Church

6.30-7.15pm Zumba @ Canon Slade

7.15-8pm  Yogalates @ Canon Slade


Thursdays -6.30-7.15pm-Clubbersize @ Walmsley Unitarian Chapel


Call Laura now to book your place on 07796411564



Zumba classes in Bolton -Pay as you go!!!!

Zumba classes pay as you go in Bolton!!


Text or call Laura for more details on Zumba classes on Monday nights at Canon Slade or Wednesday nights at Sharples school.Pay as you go system.


Contact details 07796411564


Zumba classes Canon Slade Bolton

Zumba starting on Mondays 7-8pm at Canon Slade.Call Laura on 07796411564 for more details.


Fitness classes in Bolton and Horwich including Zumba,Fitsteps,Metafit,Pilates,Adult Ballet,Antenatal Pilates,Postnatal Pilates and Yoga!

Click on classes for more details on my group exercise classes or contact laura@northwestdance.co.uk for more details on up and coming classes such as Postnatal Pilates and Yoga………..


Zumba classes Bolton and Horwich!

Zumba Mondays@Claypool Primary school Horwich 7-8pm

Zumba Wednesdays@Canon Slade school Bolton 7-8pm

Call Laura for details 07796411564


Zumba classes in Bolton and Horwich!

Zumba classes in Bolton and Horwich!

Monday evenings 7-8pm @ Claypool Primary school

Wednesday evenings 7-8pm @Canon Slade school

Call Laura on 07796411564 to book your place today!